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A small donation by the Teddy Bear Foundation has opened up a whole new world for Cameron Fearn and his mum, Jacqueline.

The five-year-old suffers from CHARGE syndrome, which embraces a wide range of disabilities including impaired hearing, vision and heart abnormality.

Until now, mum Jacqueline was unable to tap into any worthwhile support for his condition because little seems to be known about it in Scotland.

As a result, Jacqueline was left feeling isolated and frustrated that her son was not getting all the help he needed.

A family visit to Reading in Berkshire, partly funded by the Teddy Bear Foundation, was to produce remarkable results.

We paid £200 towards the cost of Jacqueline going to the first-ever CHARGE Conference in the UK, along with Cameron, husband Paul and baby Ollie.

Because of the distance involved, the family had to stay in a hotel the night before the weekend conference.

There, they mixed with 40 families facing the same problems, as well as speakers from America and health professionals in this country.

Cameron was able to play with other kids suffering from the same condition.

“I suddenly felt as if I wasn’t stressed at all,” said Jacqueline, of Tannochside in Lanarkshire.

“If Cameron started blowing raspberries or throwing a tantrum, nobody batted an eyelid.”

There were also practical benefits for Cameron, as workers from the deaf / blind charity Sense put her in touch with colleagues north of the border.

They are now liaising with Cameron’s school in Hamilton to make sure his educational needs are fully met.

Added Jacqueline:”An awful lot has come from that weekend conference.

“I really appreciate the help we got from the Teddy Bear Foundation.  It was great mixing with other families, knowing you are not on your own.”

Cameron Fearn

Cameron Fearn, mum Jacqueline and baby Ollie at home in Lanarkshire.

Cameron Fearn

Cameron with his dad, Paul, at the family conference in Berkshire.

Cameron Fearn

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