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Just six years after it was launched, the Teddy Bear Foundation is now getting noticed all over Europe.

The organisers of an international business conference in Edinburgh got in touch with charity co-founder Barry Chuwen.

The Rome-based representative of IT group BICSI said that they have a conference in a European city every year.

And they seek out a local charity to benefit from a whip-round of members after seminars and social gatherings.

Rita Recalcati, the group’s European director, said:”I just Googled ‘childrens charity Scotland’ and the Teddy Bear came up.

“We like to favour small charities, which don’t have too many employees and administration costs.

“According to all the information we gathered, you guys perfectly fitted what we were looking for.”

More than 300 people from 22 different countries attended the Edinburgh conference in June 2011 and Barry went along on the final day to receive a most generous cheque.

He was about to be presented with a whopping £1937 for Teddy Bear funds when BICSI member Andrew Stevens piped up from the floor of the hall.

“I think it’s a shame we didn’t reach £2000,” he said and encouraged colleagues to try and reach that total.

Lining up to drop their fivers and tenners onto the stage, the members achieved the sum total of £2212.

The money will go towards the same kind of causes we have been supporting for years.

Said Barry Chuwen:”It’s amazing to think that people who had never heard of us before have been so generous.

“The internet has allowed us to get our message across the country we represent.

“But for us to be noticed as far away as Italy is just fantastic.

“We greatly appreciate the kindness shown by BICSI members from dozens of different countries.”

Big In Europe

Barry Chuwen (centre) would have been happy to receive this cheque.

Big in Europe

But BICSI members lined up to add to the total.

Big in Europe

Barry personally thanked the BICSI members for their support.

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