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A “whole new world” has opened up for seven-year-old Glasgow girl, Beth Fargher.

She’s the proud new owner of an Apple iPad, which comes loaded with features which will allow her to communicate with her parents and friends.

Beth, from Penilee, is severely disabled with cerebral palsy and suffers daily, uncontrolled,  epileptic seizures.

Mum, Angela, explained:”We have been trying, over the years, various devices to try and encourage Beth to communicate with us.

“However, we have never found anything that is accessible for her.

“On a recent visit to her school, the communication lady tried Beth with an iPhone.  We were amazed how easily Beth could touch the screen and make things happen.”

It was felt that the bigger Apple device, the iPad would be even more suitable for Beth as it is larger and could sit comfortably in front of her wheelchair.

Angela, 39, and partner David, 30, wrote to the Teddy Bear Foundation with their request.  The £430 cost was beyond them as they both had to give up work to care for their girl.

In no time at all, a cheque was on its way.

“I couldn’t believe it,” laughed Angela.  “We got a cheque in the post within a few days.

“I thought “My God!

“The machine has opened up a whole new world for her.

“A lady is coming out from the Scottish Centre for Technology for the Communication-impaired.

“She will look at all the applications we can get for the iPad which will help Beth communicate.

“She loves music, dancing frogs on the iPad and audio stories she can listen to.

“Now, she knows if she touches it, she will get a response.”
Added dad David:”The more she uses it, she will get better and better at it.

“It means she can choose what she wants to do.”

Beth Fargher

Beth Fargher gets familiar with her new Apple iPad.

Beth Fargher

Dad David and mum, Angela, are thrilled with the Teddy Bear gift to Beth.

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