Our Stories - Ariana's Crooked Cottage

Tracy Hadlow’s emotions have been through the wringer – constantly worrying about her daughter Ariana running away from home.

The seven-year-old was recently diagnosed as Autistic.  At her mainstream school, she began running away and was once found standing next to a busy road.
It’s a relief to know that Tracy is a much happier mum now.

Settled into a specialist Autism unit near their home in Livingston,  Ariana is no longer struggling to cope in the classroom.
Tracy then wrote to the Teddy Bear Foundation, asking for a play house for Ariana, a kind of garden refuge where the youngster could go to when she’s upset.
We paid £340 for a ‘Crooked Cottage’ and a wee suite of table and chairs, which Tracy bought in IKEA.
Said Tracy:”We also bought a carpet and there’s curtains coming.
“My dad joked that he’s going to put a TV and sofa in there as well!
“Ariana is very excited.  I want it to be her own domain, somewhere that she can enjoy her own space when she wants.
“It’s completely safe because the garden is totally secure and she can’t get out.
“Next year, we’re going to add a swing and a sandpit as well as a water feature, as Ariana’s fascinated by water.
“I have learned that Autistic children need to learn to cope with their emotions.  This wee place gives her somewhere to take time out and take stock of things.
“We’ve even ordered a plaque that reads ‘Ariana’s Crooked Cottage’.’
“I was shocked how quickly the Teddy Bear money came through.
“It’s all to benefit Ariana.  She’s a unique child, who is very particular about her appearance.
“Now she’s in her Crooked Cottage, she is a very happy wee girl.”

Tracy and Ariana enjoying her new Crooked Cottage.

The first guests arrive.......

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