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Moving home meant that Lorraine Robinson-Moseley had to leave behind the much-loved garden swing belonging to her son, Alasdair.

The family’s new garden in Livingston had ample room for a replacement but Lorraine is a single mum on benefits and simply couldn’t afford to buy one.

Thankfully, 14-year-old Alasdair is swinging back and forth again after the Teddy Bear Foundation put up around £250 for a secure special needs swing.

Explained Lorraine:”It had to be pretty secure because Alasdair is six feet tall, despite being only 14 years old.

“He has really shot up in the last year.

“He kept asking for his swing.  He wanted to know what had happened to it.

“But I just didn’t have the money to pay for a new one.

“Now, he’s delighted that we have been able to get another one.  If he has something to stimulate him, he is more likely to go into the garden.

“I think it’s the sensory aspect of the swing he enjoys.  The movement really appeals to him and it helps that he’s now able to push himself.”

Alistair is on the Autistic spectrum, has learning difficulties and suffers from Hyperacusis, an over-sensitivity to certain every-day sounds.  He now attends Ochil Tower residential school in Auchterarder but returns home to Livingston every other weekend.

Added Lorraine:”Now, he goes to the window to check the weather before going into the garden.

“When I applied to the Teddy Bear Foundation, I had no idea I would be successful.

“It was so quick and we’re both very grateful.”

Alasdair Story

Mum Lorraine tries out Alasdair's new swing.

Alasdair Story

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