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Ahoy there! Special needs kids are casting off for a life on the ocean wave.
And when they do set sail, they will be protected by top-of-the-range oilskins provided by the Teddy Bear Foundation.
The Foundation was approached for a little financial help from the organisers of able2sail, a maritime charity which provides memorable days on the water for people affected by disability.

In some cases, that could mean the siblings or parents of disabled children, as well as disabled kids themselves.

Their happy hunting ground is the River Clyde, which can become a challenging environment, particularly when the weather turns nasty.

Able2sail are awaiting delivery of a new German- built yacht which will be able to take their cruising to a new level entirely.

Chair Gerry Campbell said:"I am over the moon with the Teddy Bear Foundation donation.

"Our involvement with them was particularly enjoyable because we were able to get an answer straight away.

"Yachting can often be looked upon as an exclusive sport but we don't charge for anything, which makes it an accessible sport.

"After one recent trip, we got a letter from a 15-year-old boy with spina bifida and cerebral palsy.

"He said we had treated him like a real human being.
He said he was chuffed he could do everything which able-bodied people could do."

One young sailor shows the way ahead

Days out on the river are fun with Able2sail.

Some take sailing lying down!

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